Bannière Soins Nettoyants


The unique Bio Visage therapy helps detoxify, nourish, and tone the skin, through the unique combination of natural botanical extracts and currents. It is comfortable, non-invasive and pain free.

It is comfortable, non-invasive and pain free.

During the treatment, the cellular activity is reactivated, the level of oxygen is increased and the skin functions are restored.

Bio Visage provides an immediate soft lifting and restores power of muscle fiber contraction. The face looks more toned up with less wrinkles visible promoting younger, firmer and brighter appearance.



  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is improving
  • Skin is firmer and toned up
  • Skin is detoxified
  • Pimples, redness and dark circles are fading away
  • Pigmentation of the skin is being ameliorated
  • Skin texture is smooth with even skin tone

Clinical tests and thousands of loyal customers prove the effectiveness of Bio Visage treatment.