Herboristerie casiersMANSARD is a company with more than 30 years of expertise in the Phyto Bio Electrotherapy: the synergy of high-performance electrical microcurrents and beauty products containing a high concentration of pure botanical extracts.

In 1981, a trio of experts (doctor pharmacologist, specialist in electronics and herbalist) passionated about electrotherapy and herbal therapy untied to provide natural medical solutions for different skin problems focusing on three issues: efficiency, simplicity and respect of the skin.

An outstanding aestetic professional -Marie France Mansard- quickly joined the research team to direct the choices of treatments and products according to the needs of beauty institutes.

Since then, this philosophy and our unique wealth of knowledge are communicated to employees and the latest generation of Mansard family that continues to work according to the values inherited.

Our family held company, successor of a long tradition of quality and excellence, is particularly committed to human values and a French production.