Bannière Soins Nettoyants
Laboratories Mansard benefits from a long tradition of know-how and excellence. This family business is particularly attached to human values ​​and French manufacturing.
More than 30 years of experience in research and development allows us to cultivate the expertise of Phyto Bio Electronique: the synergy of high-performance electric currents and cosmetics rich in active plant extracts.
It all started  in the 1970s when Dr. Lerat synthesized the experience shared with his peers at the time in two disciplines: Phytotherapy according to Dr. Valnet and Bioelectronics including in part that of Dr. Vincent. 
The goal: natural solutions for well-being and skin  problems, focused on efficiency, simplicity and respect for the natural founctions of the body.
In 1981, he founded the Phyto-Bio-Electronics Laboratories (better known as PBE Laboratories) associating with Gabriel Tanguy, one of the last graduated herbalists in France. As you may know, under the Vichy regime in 1941, and under pressure from pharmaceutical companies, this diploma was abolished.
They have been working of concentrated formulas based  on the plants’ synergie when one ingredient enchases another. Monsieur Tanguy was sure that “human body will take what is necessary from botanical components” - he put this idea into the cosmetic formulas that he has created.
Later on, Marie-France Mansard -a successful French beautician-  has joind PBE Laboratories in order to adjust the result of the work to the needs of the beauty industry. Together, they have elaborated skin care treatments and protocols that can be used by trained esthetic professionals.
In order to devote himself to new scientific researches, Dr. Lerat passed the hand in late 1993 to Madame Mansard.
In 2002, Marie-France Mansard enriched the expertise of PBE Laboratories by acquiring the methods and procedures of ETM (Electrotechnie Médicale), the French specialist in electrotherapy for physiotherapists.
With further international developpement, it was decided to change the name of the company to Laboratories Mansard in order to make it easier for non-french speakers.
In 2004 Marie-France Mansard passed the torch to her son Arnaud Mansard who perpetuates PBE concepts under the Laboratories MANSARD name.
Since then, this philosophy as well as our unique know-how have been principles transmitted to the employees as well as to the latest generation of the Mansard family which continues to work according to inherited values.